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Upcoming Events

May 7, 2022: Author Signing Event
I will be at a local vendors event in Maryland on May 7th! I am very excited to be able to bring my new release, The Cursed Spirit, to this event. Along with selling these books, I will also have bookmarks available!

May 21, 2022: Author Signing Event
The heart of the town where I started writing the Tales of Charles Island series has accepted me to join them at an author signing event. I will have a small table where I sell and sign books as well as talk briefly about my series and other works that I have completed such as my memoir. Come join me for a signed copy of "The Cursed Spirit!"

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June 5, 2022: Pirate Day
On the Milford Green, a tradition will be hosted of "Pirate Day!" This will take place from 10am to 3pm and includes many fun activities for children and adults alike! I will have a small table where I will sell signed copies of "The Cursed Spirit" as well as "The Cursed Vessel" which will be released in the beginning of June!!


August 2022: Killer Nashville
Tennessee's 16th Annual Writers' Conference, Killer Nashville, will be back this August. As they support all genres, I will bring my Charles Island collection to this conference to share with others! This will be my first time away from the East Coast in America and I'm very excited to meet several agents, hold a table to sign my books and mingle with forensic experts one on one!


August 2022: Milford Oyster Festival
I decided to cut my trip to Tennessee short because there was an overwhelming amount of Milford residents and natives that had a profound interest in my Charles Island series. Since this series takes place in the same town that this festival occurs and I'd like to bring my books back to their hometown - I am very much looking forward to holding a booth at this event!

October 2022: Bridgeport BookBash
This is one event that I am absolutely looking forward to as Bridgeport was the home to the Paugussett tribe who I based THE CURSED SPIRIT on. As their land extended from Bridgeport, CT through New Haven, CT...bringing my collection of books to where it all started is a surreal feeling. They will also have a costume after party which will be a lot of fun!

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