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The Cursed Vessel

Not everything is as it seems.

Always known as the troublemaker in town from a young age, William’s longing to be out at sea finally came true after a series of unfortunate events. He finds that life at sea isn’t what he thought it would be as his crew passes on stories of a forbidden island that he must steer clear of. Throughout his travels, he finds that his crew is the family he always wished for but his luck takes a sudden turn when he finds himself on the forbidden land that was rumored to be riddled with curses. As he struggles to ensure the safety of his crew and the love of his life that he met along the way, he must come to terms with an inevitable fate that even he cannot escape from…

Daring, adventure-packed, and fateful, this fictional retelling of Captain Kidd's adventures is the second in the Tales of Charles Island Series.

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