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Come stay at an island getaway where you can forget all of your worries. The longer you stay, the harder it will be to leave...


Lady Angeline didn’t seem to follow the path that the other ladies did in her town. In the 1800’s, most would have been married off while Angeline found independence and freedom through working closely with her father at his shop. When the deal of a lifetime seemingly falls into their laps, they are quick to take it and start their own inn on an enchanted island. At first glance, everything was perfectly normal until the truths of the island’s cursed nature is revealed in the night. After repeatedly ignoring the warnings from the land’s natives, she falls in love with someone she would’ve least expected to. As Angeline assists her father in the inn’s grand opening masquerade ball, she struggles to grasp reality and finds that there are very few she can actually trust. 


Compelling, spine-chilling, and captivating, this fictional tale of the inn is the third in the Tales of Charles Island series. 


The Cursed Inn

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