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Stories lost in time, an uncovered diary and haunting from the past.

Temptations lured people towards an abandoned island that had been off limits. A sense of urgency and thrill in the very thought of reaching its shores proved contagious to all who passed by. A young photographer finds himself following in his father's footsteps after he is asked to go on an assignment that he cannot refuse. As he attempts to complete his work, he discovers the history of the island that his father had only just begun to crack. Through the truths of his camera's lens, he is able to find things that he never imagined to be real. Hidden secrets that he uncovers keep him prisoner to the wonders that the island holds. There is only one way out and that is to push the very thought of going back there from his mind completely. But, will he take it?

Paranormal, mystery & spirituality, this fictional tale of the curse is the fourth in the Tales of Charles Island series.

Presence (Tale 4)

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